The Getty, Ladies and Gentlemen

Now I know that we have mentioned the Getty before on this blog. But. It deserves more than a mention. The Getty Center is my favorite place in Los Angeles.

And let me tell you why.

  1. It is gorgeous. Like just strikingly beautiful. The architecture, the view, the tram, the gardens (the gardens!). It all just makes you want to plant yourself at the Getty and not leave until you get proposed to and married on the terrace level.
  2. It is a representation of what L.A. is good at. It gets that whole let’s-manicure-the-crap-outta-this-area thing down. If you haven’t been to LA, one of the first things you will notice is that they like to go super crazy on the manicuring in small sections of the city. Beverly Hills is a pretty good example. The Grove is a great example (it looks like Disneyland…). But the Getty is the only place that gets it just right. It’s not annoying. It’s nice.
  3. The iced mochas. Are. So. Good. Better than Starbucks. Way better than BCaf. The best. I try to get one every time I go.
  4. The photo-ops! There are oh-so-many opportunities to take amazing pictures (I have multiple profile pictures that I took at the Getty). There are so many levels and backgrounds and spectacular things to pose by (sculptures, cacti, best friends).
  5. College Night! This year it is on April 16th (so expect a post about it around that time). College Night may be the most exciting night of my year. Basically, the Getty throws a huge party for college students. And it’s a completely free party. And it has completely free food. Last year, the served:
  • two types of sandwiches: goat cheese with roasted vegetables & ham with brie
  • the best french fries with two dipping sauces: red bell pepper ketchup & garlic aioli
  • sodaaaaa
  • meringues. freaking meringues. so delicious and simple and they came in chocolate and vanilla

Of course, the art is very fun to look at, too. They have a permanent collection of old-timey French home furnishings and a sketching gallery where you can draw busts. But, the art almost doesn’t compare to the magnificent atmosphere at the Getty.

And I can tell you that this Getty magic lives on every single time you go. I went just this past weekend, and it still blew my mind. And perhaps the best part of the Getty is that is super duper close – just a fifteen minute bus ride from UCLA! I seriously recommend going to the Getty if you are someone who loves beauty and fun and soaking in L.A. You shan’t be disappointed.


  1. Zadania says:

    I love to hang out there too!
    Nothing is better than an iced coffee in the hot sun.

    1. I totally agree! Iced coffee is my life.

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