Parent’s Weekend!

This weekend is Parent’s Weekend! The best weekend of the year! (Maybe not, but I love my parents, and this weekend is the first time I get to see them, ok?)

My parents are getting here early Saturday morning which means I have to get up even earlier to get showered, dressed and clean up my room because it is a total mess right now. Once they get here, we are going to have a ~delectable~ brunch / dining experience in Royce Quad, with food provided by UCLA Catering.

Let me just say, UCLA Catering’s food is super freaking good. Every time they have big events like this, there are always strawberries and whipped cream. Last year, they had a donut stand where, get this, they were making fresh donuts with powdered sugar or cinnamon (or both). Basically, Parent’s Weekend = UCLA Catering = caloric overload 2011.

After we finish up eatin’ and greetin’, we are going to tour around L.A. on our (less than) fabulous public transportation system. Perhaps we’ll stop by LACMA or head on over to Santa Monica. Whatever happens, I know I am going to be supremely happy – my parents will be here!

At night, my roommate and her mom are going to pick us up and we are all going to go to the Getty Center. If you have not been to the Getty… go now. Right now. I feel like I have said this before, but the Getty is the most beautiful place is Los Angeles and needs to be experienced by everyone.

On Sunday, we are going to my friend’s house for brunch. I am really excited for my parents to meet my friend’s mom. It’s been so long (high school days) since my mom and dad knew the moms and dads of the people I am friends with.

Unfortunately, Parent’s Weekend is just a weekend, and I eventually have to say goodbye. But… I already know that this one will be a whole lot better than last year’s (for one thing, we aren’t going to the football game). I am a little more mature and a lot more comfortable. I am really looking forward to running up and giving my mom and huge hug.

Parent’s Weekend – just one of the many awesome events you get to take part of at UCLA!