My Big Dilemma

After two years at UCLA, I pretty much bleed blue and gold. I’m personally involved in the athletics world and work for admissions, meaning it is okay for me to be crazy about UCLA all the time. For me it is a no brainer when getting dressed in the morning, wear a UCLA t-shirt!

Last Saturday presented a major problem. The UCLA Swimming and Diving team opened their season in a tri-meet with UCSB and Oregon State. Obviously, I would cheer for UCLA right? One problem, my younger sister just started her freshman year at UCSB. And she is on the diving team. To top things off, this would be her first NCAA Division 1 competition. School or family? Do I cheer against UCLA or against my sister? And what shirt do I wear?

Anyway, UCLA has both amazing swimmers and divers. Several are already qualified to next years Olympic Trials. They easily defeated both teams. As for UCSB, they just added a diving program last year. My sister has been a three-meter diver for less then two months. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She successfully performed all her dives and met her personal goals. She truly represented John Wooden’s famous words, “Don’t let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do.” Two great outcomes for this UCLA Bruin who happens to also have a sister on the other side.

Halloween, Parents’ Weekend, Homecoming, and Cal game this weekend!