Well, it is my time to enjoy the favorite time of every pre-medical student’s career, preparing for the MCAT. The MCAT is essentially the medical school version of the SAT. Except, it is much more intense. The test includes sections on biological sciences, (organic chemistry and biology) physical sciences (physics and general chemistry), verbal reasoning, and two writing sections. All together total test time is about 6 hours with a few optional breaks scattered in. I will definitely be taking advantage of those!

It is recommended 300 hours of preparation time before the test! 300 hours!

I have decided to take a test date in the middle of April. To enhance my preparation, I am taking a course through Kaplan. The course meets two nights a week for three hours at a time. That doesn’t include all the “pre-work” and homework we receive. Bottomline: I could spend all day doing MCAT work and still feel behind.

I am taking a lighter load in school to give myself more study time for the MCAT. By light, I mean only two science classes. After two weeks in and already short on sleep, I have decided to take things one MCAT concept at a time.


  1. Joyce Lee says:

    I hated taking the mcat but then again, I am not much of a test taker..

  2. Don’t get discouraged. Your strategy is solid. Yeah it’s tough, but we all have to do it. Actually, it only gets more difficult (forget about that part for now).

  3. Hotel Booking in Australia - says:

    you have to good strategy for these kind of exams.

  4. Thanks for reading! It is tough but well worth it!

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