Zero Week: no longer a Fall phenomenon!

Some of you may love the Fall quarter especially for its Week 0 (“zero week”) on top of the football season and great weather (it was 80ºF/26ºC this past weekend!), but luckily for us, this year we will have Week 0’s for all of our quarters. I love Week 0 because that’s when everyone is back in town but classes haven’t begun yet, so there’s not yet any pressure to be studying instead of enjoying the weather, campus events, or your friends’ company.  I have always looked forward to Fall quarter more than any other not because the summer has been long and needs to end already, not because it marks the beginning of a new school year and a new identity for me (junior already?), but because I love Week 0 when there are tons of things going on on campus and around Westwood, and there’s absolutely no excuse to be missing any of it. Hopefully, quarterly Week 0’s are here to stay, because I could certainly use a week of relaxation and readjustment before beginning the next quarter.  Those who want to save more on flight tickets can also stay home a couple more days and fly back later (instead of rush in the few days of expensive tickets right after New Year’s Day). In case you’d like suggestions, or prospective students who want to envision yourselves at UCLA, here are somethings to do during Week 0:

  1. Try a new restaurant in Westwood.
  2. Visit the Wooden gym (if you avoid it based on the excuse that you have to “study”, like me).
  3. Go to a movie showing in Westwood.
  4. Go shopping in the UCLA Store.  A Bruin can never have enough BearWear!
  5. Go shopping in Westwood.
  6. Take the bus somewhere (Santa Monica? Culver City?).
  7. Visit the Getty Museum on a clear day.  Bring a camera!
  8. Try new dining halls (especially the one you’re usually reluctant to visit because it’s too far).
  9. Hang out with your residential community (floor mates, house mates, neighbors) before everyone gets busy with schoolwork and extracurriculars.  Attend community events put on by your RA!
  10. Visit a coffee shop in Westwood just to enjoy a hot drink in the cold weather, or catch up with a friend.