Working Off Finals Stress

This is my favorite time of the quarter for working out. Unlike most of my fellow bruins who hunker down and study only, I still enjoy a nice workout at the end of the quarter. Plus, we are coming off Thanksgiving and going into Christmas! I view working out as a “vacation” away from studying. A nice couple mile run or some laps not only provides a nice study break, but also burns off some nervous energy! The best part about being inLos Angeles, it’s still a beautiful seventy-five degrees outside. Meaning I can easily go for a run or swim outside, in addition to working on my tan. FYI, UCLA has four pools all students can access in addition to a track.

At UCLA, we also have a fantastic workout facility, the John Wooden Center. Tons of equipment, fitness classes, weight room etc. Pretty much anything you could ask for. Unlike in September, when it seemed like every possible machine was filled during the day, there are now countless machines open during the day. So when I still fill the need to study, it’s easy to go through some flashcards on the bike, or look at diagrams for anatomy on the elliptical. I always envy those who can actually do readings while on the elliptical. And the treadmill? How do people manage to multitask on that trap? I can barely manage to stay on the thing, much less flip through a magazine.