80 in January? Only in LA!


What an unusually warm day in January!  According to the weather report, it was past 80ºF (27ºC) in the middle of the day, and even late at night it is a pleasant 60ºF (14ºC).  Only in LA do you get the perk of being reminded of summer weather in the middle of the winter season.  This was two days after a day of grey skies and rain, too.

Only lately have I come to appreciate the perks of good weather.  Waking up to a beautiful blue sky and white tails of cirrus clouds so many days in the year, no matter how much I love the poetic pitter-patter of raindrops, is unbeatable.  Here in LA, we average 360 days of sunshine a year, and while you may start to miss the gloominess that’s often associated with winters, having so many warm and sunny days in the year is great if you’re someone whose mood is easily affected by bad weather.  Who likes slippery ground, wet umbrellas on the floor in lecture halls, and biking in the rain?  Also, it’s convenient.  Can you imagine yourself in a t-shirt and shorts smack in the middle of winter (no need for heavy coats or tons of layers)?  In LA, you can!

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  1. Zadania says:

    Lucky You!
    In the place where I live, now is 10F outside, at least sunny. Brrrrr…It’s freezing cold. I miss the hot summer!

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