One thing to know about the quarter system is that it goes by extremely fast! We are in Winter quarter and it is now Week 4. Midterms are already rolling in during this time. Two of my roommates have multiple midterms this week. My midterms are thankfully next week, so I still have a week to study :P.

Being in the quarter system requires immense time management proficiency. It is essential to be on top of deadlines. Not only do we have to worry about academic deadlines, but also personal deadlines. They are crucial to your success as an all-around fabulous student. As a high school student (or just in general as a student) you have to deal with a lot of upcoming deadlines and due dates– and it only becomes more intense when you hit college. You will be surprised how wonderful agendas can be to helpyou remember all of the important dates. One of the things that I have learned is to stay focused, stay neat, and stay organized with EVERYTHING. This has helped me avoid any missed assignments all throughout my undergrad :D.

In order to study effectively for my college exams, I usually start preparing a week beforehand- gathering outlines, reading notes, class notes, and anything and everything that will help me prepare for my tests.

That means that during Week 4, I will be preparing for Week 5 (which I’m sure will fly by!). Then, I welcome Week 6 soon after that which means I am more than halfway into the quarter…