Princeton Ly – UCLA Trivia

Did you know that the most successful Division I coach in NCAA history is UCLA’s Al Scates, with a record 19 NCAA men’s volleyball titles? Scates is believed to be the only current NCAA coach to have won titles in five decades, starting in the 1960’s!

Did you know that Campbell Hall was originally built to house a home economics program?

Did you know that UCLA has approximately 24,000 parking spots?

UCLA is an amazing place with some fascinating (and some quirky!) history. How much do you actually know about UCLA? Test your knowledge here and here, and prove yourself a True Bruin!

Need to brush up? Don’t worry, I have some cheat sheets that have your name all over them! Learn about our storied athletic programs here, how to sing our fight songs here, a little more about our history here, and our time-honored traditions here.

Bonus round: Go adventuring on campus on a sunny day and find our very own Founder’s Rock!