My Classes

WOW! I can’t believe I have already taken my first midterm of the quarter, and next week will be the half-way point. Boy, is time flying. And it’s February?? Hard to tell with all this wonderful sunshine!

With that said, I thought I would tell you a little bit about the classes I am taking. First off- Phy Sci 111A, titled “Foundations of Physiology.” Despite having taken a few quizzes and midterms, still can’t really tell you what exactly that means. Mainly we have looked at everything regarding action potentials! The class is a bit different because it is taught by 3 different professors, each with their own module. It is also six units, meaning they expect us to do a lot of studying outside of the class.

Next, I have History 140C. I love this class! It is American History since the 1960s. The professor is hilarious and lectures are never boring. It is different then the other history upper division classes I have taken due to a discussion section. Discussion is actually a discussion for this class! It is really interesting to be able to hear the opinions of other Bruins.

Finally, I have Physiology of Nutrition. We are actually doing something cool in that class in a few weeks so I am going to save the details on that for later!!