Back to the Books- but in the sunniest quarter of the year!

First off a tiny bit about me! I am a second year history major and education minor. I am originally from Dana Point, CA. My goal is to become a teacher (k-12) and I absolutely love working with kids. Fortunately UCLA has given me the opportunity to get super involved! I also work for Undergraduate Admissions as a Bruin Ambassador and get the opportunity to speak with prospective students about UCLA! I could not be happier being a Bruin and love nothing more than to share my experience with others who may be interested in applying to UCLA. My college philosophy is all about balance and getting the ultimate experience possible. I love UCLA not just for its academic rigor but also the incredible social and professional opportunities available. I just got back from Spring Break and could not be more excited for this quarter!

Spring Break always feels short. I mean in reality one week is not very long at all! While I’m sure almost every college student wishes Spring Break was just a little lengthier Spring quarter is one of the most exciting times at UCLA. Aside from being the quarter leading into summer, Spring Quarter is the peak of that legendary CA weather!

As April arrives, UCLA warms up in spirit and temperature. Some of our most exciting events such as Spring Sing (a giant talent show/concert put on by UCLA students), I ❤ UCLA Week (where students show their love for UCLA and get free shirts in the process), and an endless number of other activities. Spring Sing is one of the most anticipated happenings of the year (Sarah Barreillis performed during her time as an undergrad) and students cannot wait to check out the talent this year.

Aside from organized events at UCLA, students take full advantage of the amazing sunny weather! Beach trips to Santa Monica, tanning at UCLA Sunset Recreation Center, and bathing suit shopping in Westwood all become priorities in these months. Of course Spring Break was amazing, but coming back to UCLA for, in my opinion, the best quarter of the year makes me more than ready to come back. Being home was great, but nothing beats the excitement and atmosphere of UCLA’s spring quarter.

Easter in the Bay!



Spring break has officially ended and classes have resumed.  This is always such a bittersweet time.  I’m sad that break is over, but spring quarter really is the best quarter.  The sun is shining, fun events like Spring Sing occur, and I have no Friday classes!

It was nice that Spring Break coincided with Easter this year! I spent mine in San Francisco with a friend’s family.  One of the great things about college is that you make friends all over the state, country, and world! I drove up to San Francisco for Easter weekend and then back down to LA Sunday afternoon.  It was an fun and exciting road trip!  Fortunately, it did not rain during our trip into the city, but we got to see a really cool lightning storm on the way down south.

Even though the drive down was a bit wet, I have high hopes for this quarter!  I am done with all of my GEs and my schedule is fantastic.  I am only taking my major related classes and I can look forward to exploring the city on my three day weekends.  The sky is clear, the days are long, and the city is at its finest.

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures!  Next week I plan on going to “The Last Bookstore”, later the Getty, and of course the beach!  Not to mention all of the events that will be on campus….including SPRING SING! One of the most epic college talent shows! Last y!ear Sara Bareilles was a judge!  I can’t wait for this quarter!

K-town Date


Before leaving LA to go home for Spring break, I luckily got some time to stay around and explore around LA. One of the places I visited was Koreatown, which is only 30-min away from campus by car. I met up with my friend on Wilshire Blvd, which I would call the main street of the town. The street has some of my favorite things about Korea: cute cafes, restaurants, bakeries, little accessory shops, hair salons, etc. This time, I got a chance to go to one of the cutest cafes, called Caffe Bene. What I absolutely loved about this cafe was its exquisite, vintage interior design. The thick, wooden coffee tables surrounded by the dark cement wall with an antique clock in the center that tied everything together. The friendly service and the not only delicious but also most beautiful pastries and lattes made the whole experience simply unforgettable.


We got to try one of their signature honey breads topped with strawberries and cream cheese. We also had a cup of green tea latte and a mocha latte, which were just too pretty to drink. Then, for a late lunch, or what my friend called “lunner,” we went to a seafood restaurant called Boiling Crab. It was one of those places that I have heard of but had never had the chance to actually go. So I was really excited to go there for the first time. And it was absolutely great. I had high expectations for it and I was not a bit disappointed. We each ordered a half-pound of shrimp coated with “Whole Sha-bang” spice, which is a mixture of rajun cajun seasoning, lemon pepper, and garlic butter. I’m really glad I took my friend’s advice and ordered a corn with it because the corn was AMAZING. It was perfected steamed and marinated in the seasoning.


 Along with all of that, we got a plate of sweet potato fries and a plate of cajun fries. Yessss. It was a feast, indeed. The eating process was pretty messy. The first thing they give you when you are seated at a table is a baby bib, so that you wouldn’t immerse your clothes in the juicy seasoning. And then your order comes in a plastic bag, and you open the bag and just dig in with your hands!(Make sure you wash your hand thoroughly before eating!) It’s really hot when you first get it, since everything is freshly boiled and seasoned, so be careful. But mmmm~it’s the best thing I have ever had. Along with shrimp, they have other seafood you can choose from, such as clams, mussels, blue crab, lobster, crawfish, dungeness crab, king crab legs, and oysters. If you’re into fried seafood, they will fry it up for you too! And you can also add extras like corn, potatoes, sausages, rice, and extra condiments.

I would recommend these two places to anyone. I had one of the best experiences in Koreatown that day thanks to these wonderful eateries and my dearest friend! Can’t wait until I can visit again!!

Spring Break…it’s Good to be Home!


Spring Break can some times seem like the eye of the storm.  On one side of break we have finals from Winter Quarter.  On the other side we have the entirety of Spring Quarter.  This one short week is the only thing that comes between each 11 weeks!  That being said, it is one of the best breaks, even if it is the shortest.

At lot of my friends are in some really exciting places this break!  One friend is in New Zealand, a team of 20 friends are in Tokyo, and a ton of friends are spending their days in Las Vegas!  As for me, I returned home to Hollister.  So far it has been very relaxing!  My parents moved into a smaller house in a different neighborhood, but we have settled in nicely.

It has been wonderful being able to sit in bed without worrying about homework, readings, tests, or papers.  I’ve been able to try making all of the fancier recipes that I have wanted try at school but haven’t had the time to experiment with.  Some of them have been very successful and I cannot wait to try them again at school.  It has been fun to cook with my dad and I’ve even gotten my picky-eating mom and brother to try some interesting things (like barley and lentils).  I’ve also been using this time to catch up on all the reading I wanted to do during  the last couple of weeks.

Overall it has been a great start to break! Hollister is very different from LA and it’s rare for me to spend more than a couple days at home.  Whenever I am home, I miss the excitement of LA, but my hometown is so green!  My new neighborhood has a cute little duck pond and I’ve found some great runs to do this week!  The more time I spend in LA, the more I realize how different it is from Hollister.  No matter where I go, I always end up missing my “other” home.  See you in a week, Los Angeles!

Last minutes before the end of my Spring Break!

As I’m writing this, the clock is ticking to count down the end of my Spring Break; and I’m pretty sad that Spring Break has gone by super fast 😦 In less than 24 hours, I will start my Spring quarter..

However, since I’m still in Spring Break now technically. Let me just say, I have had a pretty awesome Spring Break!! So you all know about my little adventure driving up north to Ojai, Oxnard, Simi Valley, and Fillmore area to visit a few high schools. I also had a cooking lesson where I learned to make bread pudding (it’s super yummy 🙂 ). And of course, my break wouldn’t have been complete without a small visit to my most favorite place on earth, Disneyland!!! I went to Disneyland on Friday and it was such a blast. I had amazing funnel cakes that filled me up, had a great game at the Toy Story mania (for those who haven’t tried it, it is highly highly recommended!!), and watched the Aladdin show that I have missed so much!!

Speaking about maximizing my Spring Break, I also went to watched Mirror Mirror on Sunday (earlier today). I loved it!! It was a fun and entertaining movie to watch.

Before I’m writing this blog, I started preparing my books  for the new quarter!! I have to say I still want a longer break, but I think I’m almost ready to start this new quarter. All the classes that I will have are upper division Bio-Engineering again, but this time there’s no more GE classes!! yay!!!

Anyway, I should head to sleep if I want to make sure I show up to my first class this quarter!! Good luck to all the Bruins this quarter!! 🙂

First official day of Spring Break!


Yes, you read it right!! I just had my first official day of Spring Break and it was good!!! 🙂

I got my own little adventure driving up north to Ventura county. I visited two high schools. one if at Ojai and the other is at Simi Valley. I have to be honest that I was a little bit scared driving by myself up there, since I have never been there. The idea that I will get lost always haunts me, but I kept saying “It’s Spring Break! Got to have a little adventure here!” And it turned out to be a great experience. The weather was wonderful and those two high schools are just beautiful. I met great people, enthusiastic students, and super, super nice counselor! The students were all very driven to apply to UCLA and becoming future Bruins!!

On the way back to LA, I was driving along the beach and it was gorgeous!! The freeway is along the beach, and that scenery was just breath-taking!!  What makes it even better is that, I didn’t get any of the morning or 405 traffic, which made the trip even better!!

I still have tons of college fairs and high school visits for the rest of my Spring Break, but I’m looking forward for it all! And I have to share this… I’m going to take a cooking lesson too from my friend! She’s going to teach me how to make some yummy dessert 🙂 For those who know me, it is an adventure for me to learn to how cook 🙂

Anyway, happy Spring Break  everyone! Be safe and have fun! 🙂

Remedy for the End of Finals- Mother’s Cooking


Now that finals are finally over we can all finally start to enjoy the beginning of our Spring Break. I have always said that Spring Break is such a tease– it really is. We get one week off and then it’s time to hit the books again. This Spring Break I hope to really spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends. I am going to be leaving this upcoming June and I want to make the most out of my time be quality time with my loved ones. I also plan to enjoy a lot of the home cooked meals– YUMMY! One of my favorite things about coming back home when I visit is my mom’s cooking. My mom is seriously the best when it comes to spoiling me with food- MEXICAN FOOD THAT IS. One of my favorite dishes of hers is Potato Soup (what we call Caldo de Papa). It is especially delicious during this cold weather. The ingredients that she adds is onion (not a lot), tomato, green peppers, cheese (whatever cheese you enjoy- though my favorite is Mozzarella) and of course potatoes. Even though it sounds pretty basic, he deliciousness that is found in this yummy plate is unbelievable. Not only is it healthy but it has an amazingly good taste. Soft spot to my heart? My mom’s cooking.

Week 8 here we go!!

I can’t believe I’m already at week 8 of winter quarter!! Before I know it, finals week will be here, which will mark  the end of my second quarter as a Bruin!!

This winter quarter is my first quarter taking an upper division BioEngineering class. I can’t lie, I did freak out a little bit. It was like learning a totally new language when I started these classes. But the best thing about quarter system is that before you know it, you are already used to it !

One thing that I’m looking forward is the Spring Break (of course)!! Another reason why I’m looking forward to it is because of how fast Spring Break will go and how we will start the spring quarter right away after that. From my perspective, that means we’re getting closer to summer!! yay!!

Speaking about Spring Break, I’m starting filling up my spring break schedule with numerous Bruin Ambassador visits  to different high school and college fair. That will be something interesting to do since most of the high schools that I will be visiting are located in Ventura; whereas usually I do my high school visit in East LA. I’ve always loved doing a visit to high schools and sharing my experience as a Bruin. Seeing those high school students’ faces when they say that they want to be a Bruin someday is priceless!

But for now, let’s finish week 8 and make sure to survive the remaining weeks until final week! 🙂