Back to the Books- but in the sunniest quarter of the year!

First off a tiny bit about me! I am a second year history major and education minor. I am originally from Dana Point, CA. My goal is to become a teacher (k-12) and I absolutely love working with kids. Fortunately UCLA has given me the opportunity to get super involved! I also work for Undergraduate Admissions as a Bruin Ambassador and get the opportunity to speak with prospective students about UCLA! I could not be happier being a Bruin and love nothing more than to share my experience with others who may be interested in applying to UCLA. My college philosophy is all about balance and getting the ultimate experience possible. I love UCLA not just for its academic rigor but also the incredible social and professional opportunities available. I just got back from Spring Break and could not be more excited for this quarter!

Spring Break always feels short. I mean in reality one week is not very long at all! While I’m sure almost every college student wishes Spring Break was just a little lengthier Spring quarter is one of the most exciting times at UCLA. Aside from being the quarter leading into summer, Spring Quarter is the peak of that legendary CA weather!

As April arrives, UCLA warms up in spirit and temperature. Some of our most exciting events such as Spring Sing (a giant talent show/concert put on by UCLA students), I ❤ UCLA Week (where students show their love for UCLA and get free shirts in the process), and an endless number of other activities. Spring Sing is one of the most anticipated happenings of the year (Sarah Barreillis performed during her time as an undergrad) and students cannot wait to check out the talent this year.

Aside from organized events at UCLA, students take full advantage of the amazing sunny weather! Beach trips to Santa Monica, tanning at UCLA Sunset Recreation Center, and bathing suit shopping in Westwood all become priorities in these months. Of course Spring Break was amazing, but coming back to UCLA for, in my opinion, the best quarter of the year makes me more than ready to come back. Being home was great, but nothing beats the excitement and atmosphere of UCLA’s spring quarter.