An Unusual Event to Kickoff Spring

One of the greatest things about UCLA is its proximity to the ocean.  Turns out this is just as practical as it is fun!  Another great thing about UCLA is that you are surrounded by people who have not yet lost their inner child.

On Saturday, a group of us went into a park in Westwood to have..A GIANT FOOD FIGHT.  It was a beautiful day in LA with a high of 75.  The girls drove the guys down to the park as a “Men’s Appreciation” Event.  In short, we ended up throwing spaghetti and shaving cream (among other things) and getting horribly messy.  It was a great way to kick off spring quarter because no one had to worry about midterms or papers just yet.  We were able to just hang out in the park and embrace our inner 5 year olds.  I regret nothing! (Not even the Italian Salad Dressing in my hair).

Most participants in this event went back to their dorms or apartments.  My friends and I went to the beach!  We lined my friends car with garbage bags and made it down to Santa Monica.  I don’t think that I have ever gotten in the water faster.  As soon as we reached the water, we dropped our bags and walked into the water and just swam and splashed around for a bit.  It was so fun!

This is hopefully on the first of many beach trips this quarter.  Spring is the best season in LA because the weather is getting warmer and their are so many outdoor things to do!  I plan on going to the beach at least once a month, going back to the Getty, having a bonfire down at Dockweiller Beach, hiking, and so much more!

Spring has sprung!