Food Truck Feast

I think most Bruins can agree that food is a HUGE part of the college experience. Whether it’s eating in our top rated dining halls or going out in Westwood eating is something UCLA is all about. Tuesday night I had the chance to go to a food truck event in Santa Monica. Food trucks are a Los Angeles staple. They range in all different types of food from classic burgers to Asian fusion to even crepes! They can be found all over Los Angeles and have been known to be super close to UCLA’s campus on occasion. Food trucks usually offer a small menu of specialty food items. For instance, the Lobster Truck offers a lobster sandwich, a crab sandwich, and a few other seafood based items. While the menu’s sometimes seem limited in choices its only because the food trucks have specialized in making those items amazingly delicious.

The event I went to was in Santa Monica just off Main Street and Ocean. There were about ten to fifteen food trucks with a huge variety of different types of food. I had my car and was able to drive but for Bruins without cars the Santa Monica Blue Bus is only 50 cents! Going to school in Los Angeles is awesome because you are super close to incredibly popular areas. Santa Monica is constantly hosting events because of its gorgeous location and importance in Los Angeles. I opted for “The Bun Truck”. This Asian fusion food truck offered a variety of sammie and steamed buns. I got the Kalbi Bun (sirloin) and Dewji (spicy pork) Bun, both of which were amazing! The fun thing about these food truck events is it does not matter what type of foods your friends like: there will be something for everyone! UCLA definitely has that college town feel, but with the availability of many other areas that allow students to get off campus and get into the city.

Like I said earlier, food is a big deal when it comes to college students and Los Angeles is one of the best “foodie” areas in the country. The variety, quality, and availability are incredible. I might have to stay in LA after graduation just for the food alone!!