Easter in the Bay!


Spring break has officially ended and classes have resumed.  This is always such a bittersweet time.  I’m sad that break is over, but spring quarter really is the best quarter.  The sun is shining, fun events like Spring Sing occur, and I have no Friday classes!

It was nice that Spring Break coincided with Easter this year! I spent mine in San Francisco with a friend’s family.  One of the great things about college is that you make friends all over the state, country, and world! I drove up to San Francisco for Easter weekend and then back down to LA Sunday afternoon.  It was an fun and exciting road trip!  Fortunately, it did not rain during our trip into the city, but we got to see a really cool lightning storm on the way down south.

Even though the drive down was a bit wet, I have high hopes for this quarter!  I am done with all of my GEs and my schedule is fantastic.  I am only taking my major related classes and I can look forward to exploring the city on my three day weekends.  The sky is clear, the days are long, and the city is at its finest.

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures!  Next week I plan on going to “The Last Bookstore”, later the Getty, and of course the beach!  Not to mention all of the events that will be on campus….including SPRING SING! One of the most epic college talent shows! Last y!ear Sara Bareilles was a judge!  I can’t wait for this quarter!