Spring Break…it’s Good to be Home!


Spring Break can some times seem like the eye of the storm.  On one side of break we have finals from Winter Quarter.  On the other side we have the entirety of Spring Quarter.  This one short week is the only thing that comes between each 11 weeks!  That being said, it is one of the best breaks, even if it is the shortest.

At lot of my friends are in some really exciting places this break!  One friend is in New Zealand, a team of 20 friends are in Tokyo, and a ton of friends are spending their days in Las Vegas!  As for me, I returned home to Hollister.  So far it has been very relaxing!  My parents moved into a smaller house in a different neighborhood, but we have settled in nicely.

It has been wonderful being able to sit in bed without worrying about homework, readings, tests, or papers.  I’ve been able to try making all of the fancier recipes that I have wanted try at school but haven’t had the time to experiment with.  Some of them have been very successful and I cannot wait to try them again at school.  It has been fun to cook with my dad and I’ve even gotten my picky-eating mom and brother to try some interesting things (like barley and lentils).  I’ve also been using this time to catch up on all the reading I wanted to do during  the last couple of weeks.

Overall it has been a great start to break! Hollister is very different from LA and it’s rare for me to spend more than a couple days at home.  Whenever I am home, I miss the excitement of LA, but my hometown is so green!  My new neighborhood has a cute little duck pond and I’ve found some great runs to do this week!  The more time I spend in LA, the more I realize how different it is from Hollister.  No matter where I go, I always end up missing my “other” home.  See you in a week, Los Angeles!