Week 8 here we go!!

I can’t believe I’m already at week 8 of winter quarter!! Before I know it, finals week will be here, which will mark  the end of my second quarter as a Bruin!!

This winter quarter is my first quarter taking an upper division BioEngineering class. I can’t lie, I did freak out a little bit. It was like learning a totally new language when I started these classes. But the best thing about quarter system is that before you know it, you are already used to it !

One thing that I’m looking forward is the Spring Break (of course)!! Another reason why I’m looking forward to it is because of how fast Spring Break will go and how we will start the spring quarter right away after that. From my perspective, that means we’re getting closer to summer!! yay!!

Speaking about Spring Break, I’m starting filling up my spring break schedule with numerous Bruin Ambassador visits  to different high school and college fair. That will be something interesting to do since most of the high schools that I will be visiting are located in Ventura; whereas usually I do my high school visit in East LA. I’ve always loved doing a visit to high schools and sharing my experience as a Bruin. Seeing those high school students’ faces when they say that they want to be a Bruin someday is priceless!

But for now, let’s finish week 8 and make sure to survive the remaining weeks until final week! 🙂