Working for My Dreams



Those who know me know that I am constantly busy either with school or work. That’s the typical life of a college student. Either we are working to pay off our fees or we are studying/writing papers. We are constantly busy. This upcoming June I graduate but beforehand, during the last few days of May, I will be moving to Arizona to start my career as a future teacher. How exciting is that? Though I know I am going to be extremely busy, I couldn’t be more exciting for the future. Today, I enrolled in my last class to complete my last UCLA schedule. It’s bittersweet for sure. I am excited for what is to come but sad to know that the end is coming near by. Most of you who occasionally read my blogs know that graduation for me is a big deal, first of all because I mention it often, hehe. However, I’m the first in my family to graduate from a 4-year university so it’s a bit nerve-wracking and unbelievable. I’m also currently prepping to take the Praxis exam in Elementary studies for my upcoming placement as an Elementary teacher in Arizona. Next month I am going to be taking the English Praxis exam. It is a bit overwhelming to know the next few things that I have to do to make sure I am on the path to start my job as a teacher, but I know it is all going to be worth it. I’m achieving my dreams everyday and it’s a bit unreal and beyond words to be completely honest. So my words of advice to an incoming college freshmen like you is not be afraid to dream big and work for your dreams because a couple of years from now they are going to become a reality…it just takes a bit of hard work and perseverance with a lot of support from your family, friends, and loved ones around! 🙂