UCLA Football!

Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics (http://www.uclabruins.com/fls/30500/pdf/FB_Rosters_DepthChart13.pdf?SPID=126913&DB_OEM_ID=30500)

After a busy week of midterms there is no better way to let off some steam than attending a UCLA football game! UCLA is known for its incredible athletics. We have more NCAA championships than any school in nation (109) and pride ourselves on having amazing athletes in a variety of sports. Football games are one of a UCLA student’s favorite events to attend. This past Saturday we played Colorado on our home field, and our bruins did not disappoint!

UCLA football practices at UCLA but the actual games take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Going to the Rose Bowl is an experience it its self. Getting out of Westwood with a huge number of bruins is always a fun experience. The Rose Bowl is massive with a capacity of 92,543 students. The student section is always a fun place to be. You are surrounded my friends, classmates, and fellow bruins all cheering on their team. The stands are also filled with alumni, parents of bruins, and of course loyal fans from the community.

Having a college football team was definitely an influencing factor in considering UCLA. Athletics offer students the chance to step away from the academics and be proud of their school for a different reason. The level of spirit at UCLA is truly remarkable. I remember visiting and noticing every other person wearing a UCLA sweatshirt or shirt. Football games bring the level of spirit to a whole new level! A popular option among students is to purchase a den pass for a 100 dollars for the entire year. This gets students access to every football game and basketball game.
As midterms continue and the quarter heats up, I want to shout out to our amazing athletic teams that remind us why we love our school. They are truly incredible to watch and I have to admit, seeing ex-classmates now on TV playing for the NFL is pretty cool!