Fall means Retreat!


At UCLA, the best part of being in clubs is getting to know people and working together for a common cause.  Being in a club or two also means retreats! It’s only week 5 and I have already been on a retreat this quarter.  The first one was with the Academic Affairs Commission (part of USAC) which is a new club for me to be involved in.

The AAC retreat was at the beach with about 25 people. The retreat provided great bonding time, friendships, and coffee.

Going on retreats can be a big leap of faith. It can be intimidating to go to a retreat with people you don’t know and it can be difficult to take time away from studying. Regardless, retreats are always a good idea. Why?

  • They provide a chance to get out of the city and do some exploring!
  • You can make a ton of new friends
  • …or deepen friendships with old ones!
  • You can connect with people who have similar passions and interests
  • They help you feel more connected and invested in the organization as a whole
  • Ice breakers make everyone come out of their comfort zone
  • Road trips to retreats are where memories are made!
  • Who wouldn’t want to study for midterms at the beach or in the mountains?

What ever your club is and whatever your reservations are…retreats are a blast! Take a chance: find a club and go on a retreat!