GE’s and Why I Love Them!

Rachelle Crosbie-Watson muscular dystrophy class

One of the most exciting things for new college students is the idea that they will be able to take classes in subjects they are most interested. While this is absolutely true, there are something called “General Education” requirements. When I first heard this I was slightly disappointed because I thought it meant taking classes in subjects I did not like- I was completely wrong!
GE classes give students the opportunity to explore new things and also take a break from our majors. GE’s are offered in all different subjects (history, science, sociology, film, music, dance) and are introductory course. Unlike the upper division course for majors, GE classes are designed for students who may not know anything about a topic. They are typically larger classes but have discussion sections to further highlight the material. GE’s are a perfect opportunity for students who are undeclared to explore their options and maybe find a new passion.
My favorite GE’s have been the science subjects. My first year I took a class on air pollution and it opened my eyes to a serious environmental concern in the LA community. The class was engaging, fun, and taught me something useful. I am currently in a class called Geography 5 that is about people and our impact on the environment. Even though these are not part of my history major I am learning equally interesting and important information.
I have a few tips for GE classes. Don’t be in a rush to complete them. It is nice being a senior and being able to take something besides my major classes. Don’t be nervous if you do not know anything about the subject matter. The professor design these course for novices. Be adventurous and take something you never thought you would! Most of all enjoy the experience and appreciate learning something new.