UCLA Football!

Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics (http://www.uclabruins.com/fls/30500/pdf/FB_Rosters_DepthChart13.pdf?SPID=126913&DB_OEM_ID=30500)

After a busy week of midterms there is no better way to let off some steam than attending a UCLA football game! UCLA is known for its incredible athletics. We have more NCAA championships than any school in nation (109) and pride ourselves on having amazing athletes in a variety of sports. Football games are one of a UCLA student’s favorite events to attend. This past Saturday we played Colorado on our home field, and our bruins did not disappoint!

UCLA football practices at UCLA but the actual games take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Going to the Rose Bowl is an experience it its self. Getting out of Westwood with a huge number of bruins is always a fun experience. The Rose Bowl is massive with a capacity of 92,543 students. The student section is always a fun place to be. You are surrounded my friends, classmates, and fellow bruins all cheering on their team. The stands are also filled with alumni, parents of bruins, and of course loyal fans from the community.

Having a college football team was definitely an influencing factor in considering UCLA. Athletics offer students the chance to step away from the academics and be proud of their school for a different reason. The level of spirit at UCLA is truly remarkable. I remember visiting and noticing every other person wearing a UCLA sweatshirt or shirt. Football games bring the level of spirit to a whole new level! A popular option among students is to purchase a den pass for a 100 dollars for the entire year. This gets students access to every football game and basketball game.
As midterms continue and the quarter heats up, I want to shout out to our amazing athletic teams that remind us why we love our school. They are truly incredible to watch and I have to admit, seeing ex-classmates now on TV playing for the NFL is pretty cool!


Since 1998, UCLA football team has scarcely won over our rivalry school USC. And it has been 5 years since UCLA had last won. But it looks like the tables have turned,…because UCLA beat USC this year!

Just this past weekend, the Rose Bowl Stadium hosted an epic battle between the Bruins and the Trojans. Within the first 2 minutes of the game, the Bruins scored a touchdown, which was quickly followed by yet another Bruin touchdown before the end of the first quarter. Even with the pouring rain, the crowd went crazy cheering for the team and shouting the “UCLA 8-clap”. The game became a nail-biter as the Trojans caught up and brought the score to 31:28, with the Bruins still ahead in the game. But when Bruins scored their last touchdown with about 2 minutes left on the clock, everyone knew that the victory would go to UCLA this year.

As I was watching the game in my friend’s room one floor above mine, I went through countless cycles of yelling, clapping, laughing and gasping. This was my first time watching a UCLA v. USC football game, and I gotta say, it was pretty amazing.

It’s a good year to be a freshman. I’m proud to be a Bruin.


Football Season


Today is the day! The Jim Mora era officially opens in Houston, Texas, against Rice. I hope you are excited as I am. I am sitting in my Bruin blue and have the TV ready. I actually know a family who has a flag they wave around in their living room during games, so I do not feel like a crazy fan (yet). The football team had their camp in San Bernardino, California, so they should be well-prepared for the heat that awaits in Texas.

Next week, UCLA will have their home opener against Nebraska. Our home games are actually in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. It makes it a bit less convenient to get their as a student, but it is still very easy to get to the games. Bus tickets can be bought for a fairly cheap price, fewer than five dollars last time I bought one, and take students from the dorms to the Rose Bowl.

Go Bruins!

Weekend Adventures

Photo Credit: JM Rosenfeld Photography

To celebrate the completion of midterms, some of my good friends and I took a Friday night adventure to El Cholo for dinner. El Cholo is a Mexican restaurant that has been around since 1923. We went to the location in Santa Monica, which is in a big pink building! The food was not only delicious, but also reasonably priced. The bathroom was decorated with a signed movie poster by Robert De Niro. Since we’re in Los Angeles, the movie of course had scenes filmed in the restaurant. Great food and fun location aside, it is always nice to have some R&R time with close friends!

The weekend was highlighted by a Bru-Win at the football game. Man, were those last few minutes were a nail biter. For me, that was even better then getting an extra hour of sleep on Sunday! Can I just say, late afternoons are the perfect time for football games? There was sunny weather for tailgating, the sun is not in your eyes during the game, and it doesn’t get too cold during the 4th quarter.

Go Bruins!!!

Princeton Ly – On Football

Photo Credit: JM Rosenfeld Photography

Because of some family matters, I could not make the game this past Saturday. But being a good Bruin, I managed to catch it during dinner on one of the restaurant’s televisions – a stroke of extraordinary luck, given most fans probably don’t have the Versus channel.

In any case, it was a great, spirit-rousing win. But only one. As much as I like Neuheisel as a concept – a former Bruin quarterback coming back to revitalize a moribund, underachieving program – he has a 20-26 in Westwood, with 20 of the 26 losses coming by 14 points or more. Sometimes people, even UCLA students, forget that we dominated USC in our “crosstown showdowns” just a handful of years ago. And that’s how it should be, year in and year out. No more settling for mediocrity. UCLA stands for so much more than that.

In any case, there is always basketball to look forward to at UCLA, ha.

Until next game,


Princeton Ly – Playing Hooky

UCLA Football finally got a heartwarming, if still slightly sloppy, win over a beleaguered Cal team this past weekend, 31-14. This still does not change the general consensus by Bruin Nation that there must be swift and decisive change in our Athletics Department, but it was of course nice to get a firm win over a traditionally solid squad.

But I – a Den Pass holder, even – wasn’t at the game. Why?

Well, due to some craftiness on my Cardinal brother’s part, I actually got a ticket to the USC-Stanford matchup at the Coliseum. And it was a crazy game – a shootout, really, with a combined 104 points scored, three overtimes, and late turnovers. It was interesting as well to see firsthand the way USC conducts itself – they got almost every call going their way in regulation and Lane Kiffin still complained, they blasted music directly at the visiting team’s bench during timeouts, and they actually booed the adorably dysfunctional Stanford band during halftime. I’m expecting much worse at our rivalry game there in a few weeks, so watch out if you’re going.

Finally, listening to the radio after the “win” while on the way home, I realized that I had to let our newer fans know a few important things about sports reporting in Los Angeles. First, never trust the sports section of the Los Angeles Times. Better yet, just don’t read that trash. They have a distinct Trojan leaning that is unbelievably unprofessional. In that same vein, don’t read ESPN (the UCLA blog is alright, I guess) or listen to their local radio stations if you don’t want to tear your eardrums out. This particular post-game show featured a former USC player justifying a penalty by perennial cheap-shot-artist and safety T. J. McDonald. Disgusting. This isn’t even a knock against our rivals (although they did get flagged for taunting, a late hit, and a helmet hit in one game) as much as a disgust for poor reporting practices and ethics. Avoid the above at all costs – big media does well when nationally recognized teams like USC do well, so they promote their “flagship” teams relentlessly, integrity be damned.

What does that leave us with? Well, as I have said before, head on over to Bruins Nation for quality, fan-based reporting. The community there, and even at the equivalent Trojan site, is mostly classy and respectful, while still maintaining their allegiances. If you’re into talk radio, switch to AM 570 KLAC for some more balanced commentary. On television, FSNWest does a pretty good job of covering the PAC-12 in general, even the non-revenue sports, with some more UCLA talk than you’ll see anywhere else.

That’s it for now. Until next time, peace and much love to ya.


PS – A “perfect day” for any sports fan is when your team wins and your rival loses – either to each other or in separate games. Mark down 10/29/2011 as one more perfect day for UCLA.

Here’s to brother Bruin, brother Bruin, brother Bruin

I know I have mentioned this one too many times, but it seems to be a topic of discussion that I can’t help but to gush about. BRUIN PRIDE! I have spent three full years here at UCLA and am about to be finishing up my fourth and final year in just a couple quarters. Throughout my time here, I have had my share of Bruintastic moments and memories, but I think that when I look back fondly upon my college experience and the Bruin spirit that bubbled inside of me, I will look back upon this past weekend.

Football season is always a wonderful season to get out and show off how much UCLA means to me. (Although, I must admit, it is proving a bit difficult to cheer for a team that is on such an impressive losing streak) But I thought to myself, nonetheless, what better way to show my loyalty as a fan, than to travel with our team? And so, we did.

If you have ever taken a long road trip with some of your friends, you know that squishing yourself into a car, with no means of escaping each other for the next 400 miles, is always a good idea that is full of giggles and candy. However, I ask you this. Have you ever considered squishing 45 of you? What? Sheer madness you say???? Yes, yes it was. Going to such a large school of well rounded and advantageously organized students means that road trips to Norcal are not only frequented, but always a memory worth having.

We charted a big ‘ol bus with our lovely driver Fernando, stuffed 45 of my favorite UCLA Bruins onto it, all of whom were decked out in face paint and costumes, and began the trek from point A to point B. The bus songs, pit stops, and ridiculous antics made the trip fly by.

Upon our return the next day (despite our loss to Stanford), it made me realize just how much I have loved the people I have met here, the memories I have made, and how hard it will be to leave this place that I now call a home. Unless of course……it’s for another road trip…….

A Guide to the Eight Clap

There is one thing that all bruins, aspiring bruins, and bruin lovers must know and that one thing is the famous Eight Clap. It’s serious business. To begin, I am not very coordinated and even though I have a great memory, the Eight clap is somewhat difficult for me so I’m putting together this guide for myself and all of you. Future Bruins take notes and practice practice practice. Not that this will happen to you, but I myself have attempted it 4 or 5 times and only 1 of those attempts was a flawless success. I’ll be taking notes as well, and hopefully I’ll be able to complete an amazing spirited Eight Clap just in time for the UCLA Football Game against Texas this Saturday.

UCLA Eight Clap

  1. Begin with your hands in the air above you. Wiggle your fingers (yes, its a part of it). Then slightly bend forward, towards the ground, with your hands in front of you facing down.
  2. Then ever so slowly begin to raise your hands towards the sky while similtaneously shouting “Aaaaaaah” (I don’t really know how to describe this part).
  3. Once your arms are straight above you, quickly bring your hands down in front of your chest and clap loudly 8 times.
  4. Now this is where it gets tricky. Pump your right fist in the air once and at the same time yell very loudly “U“. Clap three times.
  5. Now pump your left fist in the air once and at the same time yell “C“. Clap three times.
  6. Pump your right fist again with a loud shout of “L“. Clap three times.
  7. And now pump your left fist in the air and shout “A“. Clap three times.
  8. Actually this is where it gets tricky. The following is a little quicker. It’s basically pumping your fist in the air like above, just without the clapping. Pump your right fist with a “U“, pump your left fist with a “C“, pump your right with an “L“, and pump your left fist with an “A“.
  9. Then pump your right fist high in the air three times and yell “Fight!” for each pump.
  10. Yay Eight Clap!!(that’s not a part of it). This is done very rapidly so its a little hard to keep up the first time, but that’s part of the fun in learning it.
Now this is just the version that I learned at New Students Orientation a few weeks ago. I’m guessing there’s a few variations. So there you go. Now when you see the UCLA Eight Clap being done, you can join. Fight Fight Fight!