Football Season


Today is the day! The Jim Mora era officially opens in Houston, Texas, against Rice. I hope you are excited as I am. I am sitting in my Bruin blue and have the TV ready. I actually know a family who has a flag they wave around in their living room during games, so I do not feel like a crazy fan (yet). The football team had their camp in San Bernardino, California, so they should be well-prepared for the heat that awaits in Texas.

Next week, UCLA will have their home opener against Nebraska. Our home games are actually in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. It makes it a bit less convenient to get their as a student, but it is still very easy to get to the games. Bus tickets can be bought for a fairly cheap price, fewer than five dollars last time I bought one, and take students from the dorms to the Rose Bowl.

Go Bruins!