Botanical Gardens

Mildred Mathias Botanical Garden --- Photo Credit: © 2012 Kyle Alexander


I never thought I would associate gardens with UCLA, but after a class trip to the botanical gardens for one my classes I found a new favorite space. I love going to school in the city. There are endless activities, always something to do, and just a generally upbeat environment. That being said, every once in a while I yearn for the peaceful climate of a more relaxed area. Little did I know, we have just this sort of environment on our campus!
The botanical garden of UCLA is home to vast array of plants from all over the globe. During our class outing we focused on endemic California plants as well as those from tropical areas and temperate regions. First off, seeing plants from all around the world really does take you to another place. Inside the gardens you feel completely separated from the surrounding city life. It is a quite and shaded area filled with plant life. Each plant has a placard indicating its name and where it can be found. Now I’ll admit, plants were never my most exciting topic but I can honestly admit that I have a new found interest in the incredible diversity of global plant life.
Aside from my growing love for plants, I realized what an incredible study space the gardens could be. It is quiet, serene, and refreshing. The relaxing ambience of the garden provides the perfect place to de-stress. There are seating areas scattered throughout or you can always just lay down under the shade of one of the many trees. Sometimes I forgot how many different things UCLA has to offer and my trip to the gardens was just yet another reminder of the dynamic nature of our university. I really encourage everyone to explore our campus, you’d be amazed at the incredible opportunities surrounding us everyday. If you ever need an escape from the bustle of Westwood, check out the gardens, you might just find your new favorite study spot!