Schedule Planning

Decisions. Decisions. As soon as the schedule for winter quarter classes comes out, deciding what to take and when to take a class becomes a seemingly cumbersome process. I thought, this shouldn’t take me long, I’m a third year now, shouldn’t I have limited options of what classes to take? Wrong. In fact, even now after my enrollment periods have passed, I am still debating what classes to take.

One of my majors, physiological science, is much more mapped out. There are several classes which have to be taken, and some are offered only one quarter of the year. Meaning I don’t really have an option, I need to take it. One lecture, solves the problem of when to take it. Still there’s a choice involved, which discussion should I be in?

History is much more open. The requirement is 10 upper division classes, of which I still have six to do. There are about 40 options per quarter! I love how many classes there are but it sure makes making a choice hard. Do I take one that I know I will love the subject material? Or do I need to pick one that fits better with my schedule? Good professor reviews? Final times? As you can see, lots of factors to consider. This quarter was further complicated because I plan on preparing for the MCAT. I decided to try to have my class load be a bit lighter to give myself ample time to prepare, and perhaps take an MCAT class.

Now, just to address a big UCLA myth… It is possible to get your classes! If you can’t tell from all my inner rambling, not only do you get your classes, but probably the ones with the professor and times you desire.

Go Bruins!