It is officially the holiday season. In my opinion, this is the happiest time of the year. The scarves, the hot chocolate, the music (I mean have you heard JBieb’s Christmas Eve?)!

But my favorite part of the winter time is not the sparkly decorations or the yule logs or the scented candles (though scented candles are a close second). My favorite thing is making snowflakes. Every year around this time I whip out the white paper and a pair of scissors and make snowflakes for hours at a time.

Making them is actually really simple despite the fact many of my friends seem to struggle (no offense, guys). I even made a semi-easy-to-follow guide on how to fold and cut your piece of paper to make the most beautiful snowflake. A good jumping off point if you are having trouble coming up with designs is this website. It is great because you can make a virtual flake and then try to copy the cuts you made onto paper. Plus it’s more environmentally friendly – no paper wasted.

After you get the hang out it, try making a whole ton of flakes. It’s an extremely therapeutic activity, especially while listening to the most recent Glee holiday album. After you have made about 15 (million) you can hang them up around your room to get into the wintertime mood. Coming to school this year, I forgot to pack string so instead I am using dental floss to let my flakes dangle from the ceiling.

I mentioned my friends (the ones who have a hard time doing simple tasks like folding and cutting)… well, snowflake-making is a ~great~ social activity! When we need a break from studying for finals, my friends gather in my room, and we make snowflakes until our fingers are numb.

I really like doing this because it brings in that bit of white that’s missing from Los Angeles winters. We don’t have snow that collects on the roof, and we certainly do not have snowmen or snowwomen.

Snowflake-making is a ton-o-fun. I highly recommend it!