Christmas Spirit

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Southern California often gets blasted because our winters are so mild – no White Christmases, these. But I think even in Los Angeles there is a sense of holiday spirit when December rolls around and the temperatures dip.

One of my favorite places to be around this time is in the greater Pasadena area. Home to our beloved Rose Bowl, the historic town is classic California at its best. Old Town Pasadena is amazingly fun during Christmas time – lights go up everywhere and the decorations are top-notch – remember to look up at the roofs! Just a few minutes drive away, communities in San Marino, Sierra Madre, and Altadena are fantastically decorated – each street has a theme, even – so spend some time marveling at it all. Lastly, discover one of LA’s hidden treasures in the sparkling Balian House. The picture at the link doesn’t do the sight anything close to justice.

Of course, the festivities don’t stop there – New Year’s in Pasadena means the legendary Rose Parade and the esteemed Rose Bowl Game. Even if you don’t camp out for the parade, drive down Colorado Boulevard on New Year’s Eve to see the flowery floats during special preview times or just to people-watch.

Above all, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!



  1. what a magical place, merry christmas!

  2. Princeton Ly says:

    and a very Happy New Year to you! 🙂

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