Magic Castle vs The Avengers!!

The Avengers!!! Enough said, you already know what I want to say… It was so amazing!!! I’m not a big super hero fan, but for this movie I can say that I loved it!! It was worth my time and worth my money to watch it ūüôā

But before that, let’s back up couple hours shall we. So I told you all about how my de-stressing weekend last week, which I still believe was amazing. This weekend I was supposed to go to Magic Castle. For those of you who don’t know, Magic Castle is this private club in Hollywood where you can have fine dining while watching a magic show. I’ve never been there, so I thought it was so amazing that I got a chance to go in!!

Some basic rules before you go to Magic Castle are that you have to be at least 21 years old and ladies and gentlemen you have to suit up. Ladies are required to wear cocktail dress at least, while gentlemen (I’m literally using their language,haha) have to wear suit and tie. No jeans, no tennis shoes, no zipped jackets. Pretty intense ha..

So my boyfriend and I went there along with some other friends who invited us. But lo and behold, ¬†my friend who had the invitation forgot to make the reservation for the dinner!! And since it was Saturday, the place was over-booked and we couldn’t go. So we decided to make a reservation for next month since we’re all busy. I was a little bummed that we didn’t get to go in, especially since now I’m super curious how the building is on the inside . But everything worked out actually because I went to see The Avengers instead that day!!! ūüôā It’s was win-win situation I think,haha..

With Magic Castle scheduled for next month, I’m really looking forward to it!! In the mean time, back to UCLA and Starbucks (where I mostly study,haha). ¬†I have to get back to reality that the second round of midterms are already on their way next week!! That means I have to start studying this week again.. But it’s all good, because I have something else good in the store for this month!! Don’t worry I’ll share it with you once the time comes; until then let’s welcome week 6 Bruins!!

Hollywood 10k

Recently, I have been preparing for a 10k mile run I am doing with two of my very good UCLA buddies! It’s going to be happening in Hollywood which only makes it a little bit better :). The event is placed in efforts to¬†benefit the Los Angeles Youth Network and LAUSD Beyond The Bell Program. I am so excited to take part in my first-ever marathon! I have been an active running since late 2010 and I feel prepared enough to take on this new challenge. So what does one do to prepare for a 10k mile run? A lot of exercising and mental preparation! I started my intense exercise regime at the beginning of March and plan on continuing so until a couple of days before the run! Is it a little crazy that I am so excited? I don’t think so!!!! I am actually outfit-coordinating with the two runners who I will be doing it with! It only makes it better! ūüėõ

Farmer’s Market

Last weekend I went to a farmers market in Hollywood. Los Angeles has tons of farmers markets. I think you could find one to attend almost any day of the week. Even Westwood has one on Thursdays.

This particular one is nestled a few blocks from the infamous star walk. There is one street that features produce. One of my personal favorite things about stands is all the samples! I think you could try every nut imaginable.

I wasn‚Äôt there to buy produce though, I went for lunch! The next street has a variety of food stands covering almost every ethnicity. I am not kidding- there was Mexican, Greek, Korean and even good ‚Äėole fried chicken. The dessert stands are at the beginning of the street. There are bakery and pie stands but the clear favorite is Carmela’s Ice Cream truck. They feature ice cream with most ingredients, home made. With the recommendation of the staff member there, I enjoyed rocky road ice cream with homemade marshmellows. Delicious!

Go Bruins!!

How to (not) go to premieres

I had originally planned to write an awesome blog post this week about how I got to go to not one but TWO premieres within the span of five days. But I cannot and will not be writing that post because it turns that I failed miserably and did not get to go to either of the premieres that I wanted to go to (oh well).

So, before I get into the (not that exciting) deets of why premieres apparently do not like me, I will tell you the original plan. On Thursday, my friends and I had passes to go see The Woman in Black for free. Dan Rad was gonna be there, so I was gonna be there. And, to top it off, it was gonna be in the Grove, so I would probably get to see other celebs too.

We got there early because we knew the line was gonna be a tad crazy (indeed it was). Upon arrival, we were instructed to wait in line by Nordstrom. The line was a mile long (give or take 0.9 miles). After waiting for 2 hours and playing lots and lots of word games, the rent-a-cops who were patrolling the lines informed us that there were no more tickets left. Up in arms, we went to see Guest services, who directed us to will call, who directed us home, as there were no more tickets.

The other premiere was in Hollywood (Hey-0h). My roommate and I were set to see The Vow (more free passes, yay!), and at about nine AM the day of, I realized that I had a class an hour after we were supposed to leave. Normally, I would say Hollywood premiere > college class, but it was my fiat lux that I love. My roommate (easily) scrounged up a few friends to accompany her to the free premiere in Hollywood.

Now, let me tell you what should do. If you are going to a premiere at the Grove, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, just go to the freakin’ will call table. Your tickets will be there, they will not be waiting for you a half a mile into a mile and a half line. That way you can do what the passes were designed to, allow you to watch Daniel Radcliffe talk about being in a horror film. That way, you don’t have to end up relying on word games for fun, you can just rely on placing yourself in the Harry Potter fantasy world while you stare into Daniel’s dreamy eyes.¬† If you’re going to a premiere in Hollywood, first things first, just make sure you don’t have class. After that, I would imagine it’s pretty much the same. Get there early, get to will call, get your tickets, and get your game on.

I wish you the best of luck in your premiere endeavors, and I hope you had better luck than I did (which is pretty easy since I didn’t have any luck at all).

Bucket List: Bruin Edition

While I was making my way into Dodd Hall last week, something caught my eye the way things do when you stare straight at them but don’t think much about it until you’ve moved your gaze away. ¬†It wasn’t until I entered Dodd that I realised I wanted to know more about the little sticker on the door handle¬†I had just made fleeting contact with. ¬†As I stepped back out of Dodd and confused the people behind me, I couldn’t help but take a snapshot of the sticker and the advertisement it bore.

Although I’m sure nearly every UCLA student makes his/her own bucket list of what to do while in college and what to accomplish before graduation (myself included), the sticker boasted that there is a unified bucket list of things all Bruins should experience before the end of our careers here. ¬†While Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson went skydiving and flying over the North Pole in the movie, at UCLA there are equally (if not more) awesome things to do on our bucket list, such as going to a movie premiere in Westwood (check), hiking to the Hollywood sign (check), and playing tennis at the¬†Los Angeles Tennis Center¬†on campus¬†where the Williams sisters practiced a few summers ago (I wish). ¬†Our bucket list comes neatly organized in a list on a website, complete with news about interesting related events, the List itself, and contact information in case they missed anything. ¬†Every item on the List is amended by a website if you would like to know more.

New Bruins, this is a great resource I wish I had known about when I was coming into UCLA two years ago.  The Bruin Bucket List website has so many suggestions about stuff to do that you will never be bored on weekends and gain invaluable knowledge about what it means to be a Bruin.  Prospective Bruins, take a peek into the Bruin experience and what UCLA offers in culture, entertainment, extracurriculars, academics, and dining!  Welcome to UCLA!


*The UCLA Bucket List is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the University of California Los Angeles.

Campus Celebrities

After being away from campus for three weeks as I enjoyed a vacation in Vancouver, Canada and its vicinity with my family, my absence seemed to have been much longer than that.  Amongst my friends catching me up on what I had missed, what amused me the most was their insistence that I realised that Miley Cyrus had been on campus while I was gone, filming for her new movie, So Undercover.  None of us were especially big fans of Miley Cyrus; in fact, a couple of us shy away from her music unless it is forced upon us.  Yet, the news was exciting because it was an example of yet another celebrity appearance at UCLA as Hollywood takes advantage of such a beautiful campus in beautiful weather, full of young and eager extras, only a few dozen miles from its studios.

This is one of my favorite things about UCLA; only a week before my departure for Canada, Real Madrid (the Royal Madrid Football Club of Spain) had graced our North Athletic Field with their presence.  I was in the middle of giving a campus tour when I crossed paths with the celebrity team, and as I was walking backwards at the time, I suddenly found it curious that my audience stopped listening, began to talk amongst each other loudly and point at something behind me that was evidently more interesting than my fun facts about Wilson Plaza.  A quick look behind me luckily brought me to a halt as I was about to walk into a snake-like link of fences marking a red-carpet-esque walkway for someone important enough to be separated from the general public.  The walkway made its way from the north entrance of Student Activities Center (SAC), through Wilson Plaza, straight to the North Athletic Field.  Suddenly, a caucus of screams near the north entrance of SAC brought our attention to a group of lean and athletically dressed young men boarding golf carts whizzing through the plaza to transport them onto the North Athletic Field.  As they drove past, I recognized Cristiano Ronaldo, the most expensive football player in the world, better known to avid female fans for his dashing good looks.  My friend in Britain who dreams of someday meeting Ronaldo would have been hysterical to know that I got a fleeting close encounter with him.

Only last night, as I looked through the bloopers of one of my favorite television shows How I Met Your Mother, I recognized Royce’s beautiful pillars behind a running Josh Radnor as he played Professor Mosby rushing past a busy corridor of an unnamed East Coast university. ¬†The truth is, many of Hollywood’s university scenes are filmed at UCLA; our popularity with filmmakers is not limited to television shows and movies but stretches to commercials and advertisements as well. ¬†If you ask me, I would love to take my actors and crew to film at a set that is naturally beautiful, brimming with young people eager to be extras, and easily accessible from their studio. ¬†I can only say that we are so lucky at UCLA with our average 300 days a year of sunshine to be in the perfect spot to share with famous celebrities and directors who obviously think so too. ¬†Go Bruins!

Hollywood close to home

Alright everyone, I don’t want to toot my horn or sound the alarms or make other car noises, but I want you all to know that I may or may not be three degrees from Kevin Bacon. (That’s an old saying that my mom uses for all you confused youngsters out there.) Basically, I have been sworn to secrecy so some of the details will be left out from this wonderful blog, but for the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to see Hollywood up close and personal.

Being from the Bay Area (NorCal), I imagined that coming to LA would be just like it is in the movies; glamour, celebrities, and fashion everywhere you looked. I have learned that it is not. Apart from a few friendly encounters with celebs, aka my head making a 180 as I casually walked by them and pretended not to gawk (sorry Dakota Fanning), my Hollywood home has been far from cinematic. Until this past week…..

My wonderful office building down in Santa Monica was selected out of the hundreds of thousands of buildings in LA to be used for one of Oliver Stone’s new movies. If you don’t know who Oliver Stone is, look him up. Did you do it? Ok good. I am not allowed to give out the title of the movie, nor was I allowed to take any photos, but what I can tell you is that for one week I got to have an insiders look into what it means to be a part of Hollywood. From the set being arranged, to the 60 people that stood around and did next to nothing on the day of the shoot, to the mess and clutter that came after, and the clean up crew that got to make it disappear, I was there.

As I sat at my desk by the front entrance to our offices I, get this, made eye contact with my love Emile Hirsch. Yes, the god himself. Milk, Lords of Dogtown, my heart! It was magic, and it made me realize how tangible Hollywood actually is. They are just regular human beings like you and me except so much more ridiculously good looking. In case you couldn’t imagine how perfect I would look as arm candy on the arm’s of these movies stars, I’ve enclosed a REAL photo of me kicking it with my loves. Emile and Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights are just a couple of the stars I made eye contact with. HOLLYWOOOOOD!