Hollywood 10K

Recently, I have been preparing for a 10k mile run I am doing with two of my very good UCLA buddies! It’s going to be happening in Hollywood which only makes it a little bit better :). The event is placed in efforts to benefit the Los Angeles Youth Network and LAUSD Beyond The Bell Program. I am so excited to take part in my first-ever marathon! I have been an active running since late 2010 and I feel prepared enough to take on this new challenge. So what does one do to prepare for a 10k mile run? A lot of exercising and mental preparation! I started my intense exercise regime at the beginning of March and plan on continuing so until a couple of days before the run! Is it a little crazy that I am so excited? I don’t think so!!!! I am actually outfit-coordinating with the two runners who I will be doing it with! It only makes it better! 😛