The week where my sanity is being tested!

This coming week is week 10 and as my professor ever said, this is the “holy cow” moment; and I have to say, I couldn’t agree more than that. All this time has been building up to this week-the last fighting week before finals.

Last week during week 9, I started seeing students sitting at every corner, in the library and classrooms with their books. Everyone, including myself, started doing their studying early to get ready for finals week.  My favorite place to study is Engineering V, which is right behind Kerkchoff. It’s the Bio-Engineering building. There’s a white board and a study area for Bio-Engineering students. It is also really convenient since all of the Bio-Engineering professors’s offices are located in this building. I can always come up to find my professors during their office hours if I have any questions.

I have to say I’m glad my finals are happening on different days. I couldn’t imagine if I had to have 2 finals on the same day!! I’m also glad that my last  final is on Thursday, which means I have Friday off already and can start my Spring Break!

But firstly, I have to get through week 10,with the continuous assignments and studying, before finally hitting finals week!! I know you have started the count down with me since last week so keep it up and we’ll get through this last week!! Go Bruins!! Week 10 here we come!!!!!