Farmer’s Market

Last weekend I went to a farmers market in Hollywood. Los Angeles has tons of farmers markets. I think you could find one to attend almost any day of the week. Even Westwood has one on Thursdays.

This particular one is nestled a few blocks from the infamous star walk. There is one street that features produce. One of my personal favorite things about stands is all the samples! I think you could try every nut imaginable.

I wasn’t there to buy produce though, I went for lunch! The next street has a variety of food stands covering almost every ethnicity. I am not kidding- there was Mexican, Greek, Korean and even good ‘ole fried chicken. The dessert stands are at the beginning of the street. There are bakery and pie stands but the clear favorite is Carmela’s Ice Cream truck. They feature ice cream with most ingredients, home made. With the recommendation of the staff member there, I enjoyed rocky road ice cream with homemade marshmellows. Delicious!

Go Bruins!!