Saffron Rose

Last Friday, I went for a walk with my friend Renn into Westwood to grab some ice cream. I had been to Yogurtland before, and of course I had been to Diddy Riese, so we decided to try something new.

My other friend had told me about a Persian ice cream shop a couple of blocks past Wilshire on Westwood Blvd called Saffron Rose. So, we went to go check it out. In case you are not super familiar with Westwood geography, Wilshire is the street where the Hammer Museum is located, and for UCLA students who live on campus, it’s normally falls just on the outer edge of “walking distance”.

Basically that means that the walk was a little bit more like a hike. My friend and I walked for a good twenty-five minutes, which really isn’t too bad but that Friday had Arctic temperatures accompanied by large gusts of wind (and apparently now ice cream!).

So, we strolled and I tried not to let my teeth chatter as I silently berated myself for wearing shorts (like, do you even check the weather, Charley?). We passed the other lesser ice cream shops and almost contemplated just settling for fro yo (Malibu Yogurt was sooo close to campus). But we stuck to our guns. We were determined to taste Persian ice cream.

Side note: Right as we were crossing Wilshire, we saw a car accident! Not that car accidents are good, but this one was very minor – no one was hurt. But it was sort of exciting.

After we passed Wilshire and walked those few extra blocks (which was so weird, by the way, I had never walked past Wilshire before) we came upon Saffron Rose. It was kind of a tiny place with a big sign that said “SAFFRON ROSE” (duh), and inside there were two big ice cream freezers with a bunch of really fun flavors. I sampled mango and jasmine and ended up getting cucumber and lavender. All I gotta say about Persian ice cream is ohhhh my guhhhhh it’s sooooooo goooooooood.

My cucumber ice cream had bits of real cucumber that were all frozen and delicious, and the lavender tasted like I was eating a straight-up lavender plant with, like, sweetened condensed milk poured on top of it. And to top it off (literally), they give you a wafer that you get to munch on. Yum!

The trek was totally worth it.

After, we stopped by the Hammer for a short walking break, and I guess I have not been in quite sometime because there are now ping pong tables in the upper level. So the walking break turned into a mini ping pong rally.

In short, the walk was cold, the ping pong was fun, and the ice cream was a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.