“Will you take my flyer please”


If you are Bruin then you have undoubtedly faced the chaos of bruin walk. Bruin walk is the central walkway of campus. Is serves as a symbolic divider between north and south campus. Aside form serving as the campus’s main lifeline, bruin walk is known for it’s insane amount of “flyering”. Flyering is a when student organizations, clubs, sports, literally anything set up stations along the sides of the walk-way and offer passing students their flyers. The amount of paper you could potentially receive in this short distance is pretty astounding. This year I was a participant in the flyer process and I have to say it was entertaining.

The methods students have come up with to avoid awkward eye contact or not take a flyer is truly impressive. Students utilize head phones, cell phones, books, friends, pretty much anything they can get their hands on to avoid taking your flyer. While this sounds strange it is actually a really fun part of the campus. Bruin walk and the flyering show how alive our student body is at UCLA. They all have causes and purposes they believe in and are willing to take time out of their day to try and get others involved. I was flyering for the organization Peer Health Exchange. Even though I am sure students were tired of hearing me ask, “Want to teach 9th grades health workshops in LA”, it was worth it to inform my fellow bruins. We had a huge number of people apply and I am certain our flyering efforts were a major part of this! When I joined it was seeing them on bruin walk that actually got me to apply.

Another aspect of flyering I really enjoy is how it shows our campuses diversity. Each person is representing something different along bruin walk. One student will be selling traditional Jewish bread while the next will be encouraging you to go to the upcoming women’s volleyball game. I love that UCLA is open to different cultures, idea and values. We occasionally have some controversial groups advertising along bruin walk but to me this is representative of the welcoming atmosphere at UCLA. All ideas are allowed to be expressed on our campus. This is indicative of UCLA’s commitment as a public university to respect the student’s rights to freedom of speech. While I’ll admit sometimes I avoid the chaos of bruin walk our campus really would not be the same without it. I thank all the students who put their time and effort into making our campus the dynamic school that it is!