The Optimists: Ah Lim Lee

Although thousands of miles away from home, she has discovered a tight-night and academically rewarding campus community at UCLA.

The Optimists: Brad Fingard

UCLA Optimist Brad Fingard shares his views on diversity at UCLA and how students and administrators alike work to constantly improve campus climate.

Hello World!

  Hi everyone, I’m Cheechee, the newest contributor to the UCLA Life Blog! I am thrilled to be writing for you all and I really hope that my posts will help shed some light on the day-to-day life at UCLA. Coming here was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I am…

3 Day Weekend and Adventures!

  As a friend of mine put it: “Winter is my favorite week of the year!”  Despite the cold snap we had last week, this week has been nothing but blue skies! I’ve been able to do a lot on particularly sunny weekends, and it was all so close by!  Seeing as it is only…

A Cold Snap

They say that stereotypes were meant to be broken….that may be true.  However, it may also be true that the stereotype of Southern Californians are not capable of handling cold weather.  The high of the past week has not been above 60.  I may be from Northern California, but I have definitely gone soft since…