Working at UCLA

While school can sometimes feel like work unfortunately it does not pay the bills. Part of being in college is becoming more self sufficient and learning to budget. A major part of this getting a job. Here at UCLA over 50% of the student body does have job. Many students get jobs on campus. This allows them the ability to tailor their schedule around their academic classes. I have been working at UCLA since my freshman year and it has been incredible value experience.

There are a huge variety of jobs available to students on campus. Students work in retail, food services, office work, and many other opportunities. I work for Undergraduate Admissions as a Bruin Ambassador. I get to visit high schools in the greater Los Angeles area and talk to students about applying to UCLA. I also have worked in food services on campus. I really appreciate the experience I have gained through these jobs and it has allowed me to get through college with less financial stress.

Another great work option for students is something called “work study”. Work-study is for students with financial need. This allows them to work on campus and the government helps subsidize their paycheck. Many different campus jobs offer positions for work-study students only.
Of course another option is working off campus. Westwood is filled with different work opportunities and many of my friends do have off campus jobs. There are also many internships in the area that are great opportunities to start exploring full time career options. Networking is definitely an important part of college outside of the classroom.

Balancing work and school can seem overwhelming but it is doable. Know your schedule and how much time you realistically can work while still maintaining study time (and your sanity!). Work has definitely been one of the best parts of my college experience!