Art Imitates Life

I know I’ve said this before (but I’m going to say it again anyways)…The Getty Museum is one of my all time favorite places in LA!  No matter how many times I visit the Getty, it just keeps getting better.  Every experience at the Getty is different, but it is always worth the bus ride (which is under 20 minutes).  Recently, however, I got to see just how awesome the Getty really is.

Once a year, the Getty has it’s College Night.  It is a Monday night that is entirely devoted to college students in the local area! There were students from UCLA, CSUN, LMU, and many others.  The parking was free, the (free) food was tasty, and the music was great!  A lot of my professors joke that there are two ways to get students to an event: free parking and free food.  College Night at the Getty has both!  Normally the Getty is not open on Mondays and the other weekdays that it is open, it closes around 5:30pm, but College Night is different.  They open up at 6pm and close at 9:30pm.  The whole museum is set up for college students, complete with lights and music.

Instead of taking a morning trip to the Getty (as I usually do), my friends and I piled into a car and arrived around 6:30.  We got to watch the sunset up on the hill, eat baguette sandwiches, and partake in some special college student events.  It was an outing like no other.  I had so much fun walking around and taking in the view, looking at the art, and doing fun activities!  Even my friends who are not the biggest fans of museums had a good time.

Los Angeles is definitely one of the cultural capitals of the world.  I think it is so awesome that places like the Getty give college students the opportunity to take advantage of the resources right in their backyard! Students across all majors and backgrounds can appreciate such a fun outing.  I will definitely be going back next year!