Decisions Decisions…

Seeing groups of college tourists on campus through the last few weeks(Bruin Day!), I was reminded of the days I had to make the choice on which college I will attend. Being a haste decision-maker, I especially had a hard time making what then seemed like the most important decision of my life. I still remember going on walks by the beach to organize my thoughts on the various options I had and to try to figure things out analytically.

“What is the professor to student ratio? What kind of programs does it offer for Pre-Meds? How is the social environment? Will I be able to concentrate on my academics in this environment? Are they offering me any scholarships?”

While trying to sort things out and getting nothing out of it, something hit me. I realized that I had been missing the most important thing in making this decision, which is how I feel about a college. Many people had told me to just visit the campuses and then I will be able to pick the one that “feels right.” I had always dismissed that advice just because I thought it took more than just my feelings about a place. However, as I am finishing up my freshmen year(time flies!), I am seeing myself giving the same advice to seniors making their decisions right now. Of course I researched about each of the colleges, but what it boiled down to at the end for me was how I felt about the campus and the environment. I realized that my happiness is the most important thing in my college life and that it is impossible to figure out which college is for me solely through researching about it online.

With that said, I can confidently say that I have absolutely no regrets about the decision I made as a senior to spend the next four years here at UCLA. As I am finishing up my last quarter of my freshmen year, I cannot be more thankful for the wonderful people I have met so far and the many opportunities UCLA has given me already.

Go Bruins!


  1. thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Yes there are an overwhelming number of decisions at times like that. I’m glad you feel confident with yours!

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