Giving Back to Los Angeles

One of the most rewarding parts of my UCLA experience has been my involvement with Peer Health Exchange. Peer Health Exchange is a national organization dedicated to teaching 9th graders important and relevant health workshops. The topics range from drugs and alcohol, pregnancy prevention, mental health, nutrition, and many more. As a member of Peer Health Exchange I get the opportunity to teach a workshop once a week to students in the Los Angeles area. Teaching is my ultimate career goal and Peer Health Exchange has allowed me to get hands on experience in classrooms on a regular basis. I absolutely love being in the classroom and feeling like I am actually making an impact on the community.

UCLA has over 800 clubs which makes it super easy to find an organization that connect to your personal interests and goals. Peer Health Exchange not only offers me the chance to improve my teaching skills but also to assist students in learning pertinent health information. Another awesome part of PHE is the ability to see all different parts of Los Angeles. The schools we teach in are all over LA. PHE is definitely not the only club that allows students the chance to engage with the community outside of Westwood. Project Literacy goes to underprivileged communities and tutors students, the debate team which travel to competitions, and many others that do work in the surrounding communities. Community outreach is a major part of Bruin life that allows students to gain hands on experience while also serving those in need.  I had always thought teaching was the path for me, but after being in the classroom so often it completely solidified my choice. College is the time to explore options and truly figure out who you are and what you want to do. UCLA offers endless opportunities to investigate career paths and options for their students.