Ultimate De-Stresser: Wooden Center


There is no doubt that the academic aspects of college can be tough at times. No matter what school you attend Midterm and Final season brings out the stress monster in us all. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to deal with this stress, my personal favorite being Wooden Gym. Wooden is a place where Bruins can let their minds step away from the books and sweat it out. Wooden has a huge variety of fitness resources to choose from. My personal favorite is the different group classes that are offered. Students get free admission to Wooden through there tuition and for only 25$ you can purchase a group pass for the quarter!

Group passes get into any class on the list. The classes range from cardio kickboxing to total body workouts. There are even classes that take place in the pool. A lot of students come to college worrying about the curse of the freshman fifteen but UCLA has a huge amount of fitness opportunities that allow students to workout regularly. The classes are also offered at all different times of they day so students can really meld it into their own schedules.

One extremely popular part of Wooden is the open basketball courts and volleyball nights. These allow students who are not necessarily on the NCAA team to participate in the sports they love whenever there is a pick up game. I think every Bruin has tried Badminton at UCLA at least once. The front desk gives lends you a racquet and ball for no charge. Yet another awesome fitness option is Wooden Center’s rock wall. The rock wall is really popular among bruins because it is something many of us have not tried before.

The reason I am so happy being a Bruin is because I feel that every aspect of my student life is fulfilled. I wanted a college where I knew I would have incredible academic classes, but also social, active, and engaging activities outside of class. Wooden Center has become my de-stress zone, but even if the gym isn’t your thing, there are endless opportunities to find places to relax!