A Cold Snap

They say that stereotypes were meant to be broken….that may be true.  However, it may also be true that the stereotype of Southern Californians are not capable of handling cold weather.  The high of the past week has not been above 60.  I may be from Northern California, but I have definitely gone soft since being here.

Despite the cold, the weather has been beautiful!  The skies have been clear and the sun has been bright!  On Saturday, I got to spend my day with some middle schoolers and high schoolers.  After going through some writing exercises with them, we got to take a stroll about campus.  We must have looked a bit comical piling on our coats and hats to walk around campus at noon!  It was a beautiful day (even if it was a bit cold!) and I loved sharing my stories on campus with the prospective students.

Naturally, at night it has been quite a bit colder so I’ve had to bundle up more for outdoor events!  Fortunately, however, I’ve got a plethora of hot tea and blankets!

For any out of state readers: please don’t judge us LA folk….57 degrees might as well be 15 to us! We also tend to not have the adequate clothes for this kind of weather.  Hats, gloves, and scarves have made a much larger appearance at UCLA over the last couple days….hopefully it will warm up soon!!