We are going to finish this strong!!

Hey there Bruins!!! Can you believe that we are already in week 10!?!! Last week of the Fall quarter and that means next week is final week (I’m screaming -silently- just thinking about that)

This quarter went super fast, and I mean super super fast. With the 4 classes, work, and lab research, this quarter sure did keep me busy at any point.

Having said that, I hope you all already started writing those last couple essays and papers, finished up those articles that you’re supposed to read for the finals, and flexed your brain muscle and nerve for the final preparation of this quarter. Don’t get stumbled by laziness when  finishing up this quarter!! You’ve worked hard throughout the entire quarter, and it will not worth it if you stop and give up early!!

Here’s some tips that I’ve acquired for finals week:

1. Study with your friends. And I mean really study 🙂 not gossiping, watching movies  in the middle of studying, or going somewhere as a break from studying, etc. Studying with your friends really helps in kicking out the laziness and boredom from studying by yourself.

2. If you’re the type that loves quietness and studying by yourself,  pick a place where you feel relaxed and not stressed out.

3. Eat healthy and get enough rest. Yup, it is important to get enough (not too much) rest! You don’t want to get sick right before your finals.

4. Hold onto that temptation to watch movies, TV, etc. You can have all the time during winter break to catch up with those movies and TV episodes 😉

Well Bruins,I wish you all the best and good luck in finishing up week 10 before heading into finals week!! Let’s end this quarter strong just like how we started it!! 🙂 Go Bruins!!!