Parents’ Weekend – French edition

I mentioned in my last post that I spent my Thanksgiving with my parents and that I had a super time, but the fun with mom and dad didn’t stop at Thanksgiving! My mom and her friend came to Lyon in the middle of November and stayed right up to the end of the month. My dad was also in Europe on a business trip, so he popped over to France to hang with us in between meetings.

Having my parents visit was fab because it was like taking a little vacation right in the city. We stayed in a chic little apartment in the old and stony neighborhood of Lyon right next to a street full of delicious restaurants, many of which I’ve been drooling over and wanting to try. We ate lots of yummy food and got mulled wine and crepes on our evening walks.

I showed my mom my stomping grounds. I took her to the park near the river where all the leaves are yellow, red, and fall-y. I showed her my favorite lunch places, where to get the best chocolate cake, and the metro I take to class. I also brought some of my friends over to the apartment, so we could all mingle and meet and so my mom would know who I go with to buy chocolate cake.

After hanging out in Lyon for a good while, we rented a car and headed down to the south of France. We made a short stop in Grenoble because my mom’s friend studied abroad there when she was in college. We saw the house she stayed in and drove around looking at the old neighborhoods of the town that she remembered. After Grenoble, we arrived in the south to visit some family friends. We stayed in their adorable house (with blue shutters) and spent the weekend visiting villages and eating home-cooked meals.

To finish up, we headed back to Lyon and stayed just outside the city in the most charming bed and breakfast. Everything was soft, cozy, and eclectically decorated. The visit ended with some last-minute shopping for Frenchie gifts and lots and lots of hugging. Hopefully my dad has another business trip next semester, but I won’t be seeing my mom again until my return to the states, so this trip was great!

Now that they are heading back to the U.S. my schedule will return to normal – just in time for finals. Great break but now I’m diving back in to school in France!

Charley Guptill