We are going to finish this strong!!

Hey there Bruins!!! Can you believe that we are already in week 10!?!! Last week of the Fall quarter and that means next week is final week (I’m screaming -silently- just thinking about that)

This quarter went super fast, and I mean super super fast. With the 4 classes, work, and lab research, this quarter sure did keep me busy at any point.

Having said that, I hope you all already started writing those last couple essays and papers, finished up those articles that you’re supposed to read for the finals, and flexed your brain muscle and nerve for the final preparation of this quarter. Don’t get stumbled by laziness when  finishing up this quarter!! You’ve worked hard throughout the entire quarter, and it will not worth it if you stop and give up early!!

Here’s some tips that I’ve acquired for finals week:

1. Study with your friends. And I mean really study 🙂 not gossiping, watching movies  in the middle of studying, or going somewhere as a break from studying, etc. Studying with your friends really helps in kicking out the laziness and boredom from studying by yourself.

2. If you’re the type that loves quietness and studying by yourself,  pick a place where you feel relaxed and not stressed out.

3. Eat healthy and get enough rest. Yup, it is important to get enough (not too much) rest! You don’t want to get sick right before your finals.

4. Hold onto that temptation to watch movies, TV, etc. You can have all the time during winter break to catch up with those movies and TV episodes 😉

Well Bruins,I wish you all the best and good luck in finishing up week 10 before heading into finals week!! Let’s end this quarter strong just like how we started it!! 🙂 Go Bruins!!!

Our (fabulous!) quarter system

You might be wondering what all those references to “10th week” were about. UCLA, along with almost all of the other UCs, sports a quarter system. We have four quarters (duh), one of which is summer that students don’t need to attend. All quarters are ten weeks long with a finals week tacked on to the end. Finals week is great because it doesn’t have to last until Friday. When you pick your classes, you can see what time the final is scheduled. Some classes don’t even have finals (they’re called Exam Code 30). This way, students’ last days can be as early as Monday. Fall quarter also has an extra week in the beginning to acclimate all the students. It’s called “Zero Week” for two reasons. One, it is before week 1, and two, you don’t have to do anything. Our student government puts on concerts and presentations, movies and games, and really, Zero Week is just a lot of fun.

Because the quarters are only ten weeks long, life at UCLA moves pretty fast. Midterms arrive almost immediately and skipping a lecture can really put you behind. It isn’t anything to worry about though–you take fewer classes at the same time in the quarter system when compared to a semester system. With semesters, students usually take about five or six classes. That is a lot of information on several different subjects for sudents to keep in their minds and is only possible because of the slower pace of a semester. Because things move more slowly, classes can drag, and if you are unhappy with a class or professor, you have to endure for longer than just ten weeks. The quarter system is great because you only have to take three or four classes a quarter, which is manageable and fun because of the fast pace. And if you don’t like a class, it’s over soon!

UCLA has a unique quarter system in that we label each week. We call the weeks “Week 1, Week 2,” and so on, which is a pretty obvious labeling system, but it is special to UCLA. Students here stop thinking of days and months and instead think, “what will I be doing 7th week?” and “I have a midterm week 4.”

I am very happy with and proud of our quarter system. I encourage you to not be scared or intimidated by its reputation for moving fast; instead, remember how much fun it can be!

Summer, is that you knocking at my door?

To most Bruins, 10th week is the last moments one has to kick back, relax, and reflect upon the wonders of the year in passing as a UCLA student before finals week hits. However, for some of us unlucky souls, it is but a reminder of the 9 weeks before. This past quarter I took three classes, and not to sound cliché, but I am one of those college students that loves college for more than just the social scene and fun adventures, but also loves it for the academia that it provides. I learned about human evolution and the transitions we made to adapt to our ever changing environments. I learned about body language and the perceptions our peers have about us. And finally, I learned how to right a dang good research paper about something I love, food. It was a pretty solid quarter.

However, what I can honestly say I didn’t love is that my wonderful and intelligent professors thought it would be a great idea to assign my finals, final projects, and research papers, to all be due 10th week. Noooooooo! I spent all week in a study cave indulging myself in coffee, paper cuts, and self loathing. Thursday was judgment day and as I turned in that last exam after having sat through 4 hours of back to back tests, I felt sweet bliss. I was done. DONE! It is summer time for me!!! Now it was my turn to kick back, relax, and reflect upon the wonder of the year in passing as a UCLA student, while the rest of the campus builds their study caves, says goodbye to society, and prepares for hibernation. One point: me.

10th Week = Finals Week

We have just finished 10th week at UCLA, which is a momentous occasion, especially given that it’s Spring Quarter.  This means our next break is… SUMMER!!  This is generally what pulls most Bruins through the last stretch of finals week.  However, I was extremely lucky this quarter (unlike Winter Quarter) and all of my finals or final papers were due during 10th week, which means I am completely free during Finals Week!!  This leaves my opportunity to distract my fellow Bruins.  The obvious option for most people would be to start packing, get home, and get summer vacation started.  I’m a little different in this respect…

I decided to stay until Thursday of Finals week to enjoy all the benefits of UCLA in an academic-free environment.  This next week, I have the opportunity to enjoy all the activities and recreation of UCLA and Westwood without the constraint of homework and essays.  My year has come full circle, given this is how Zero Week functions at the very beginning of the year; now I have my very own Zero Week at the END of the year!  I’m excited to take advantage of Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, the John Wooden Center, Westwood dining, and everything else we love to do as Bruins.  Anyway, I’m very lucky to have this opportunity this year and it will be an excellent beginning to summer vacation.  Happy Summer and Go Bruins!!