To most Bruins, 10th week is the last moments one has to kick back, relax, and reflect upon the wonders of the year in passing as a UCLA student before finals week hits. However, for some of us unlucky souls, it is but a reminder of the 9 weeks before. This past quarter I took three classes, and not to sound cliché, but I am one of those college students that loves college for more than just the social scene and fun adventures, but also loves it for the academia that it provides. I learned about human evolution and the transitions we made to adapt to our ever changing environments. I learned about body language and the perceptions our peers have about us. And finally, I learned how to right a dang good research paper about something I love, food. It was a pretty solid quarter.

However, what I can honestly say I didn’t love is that my wonderful and intelligent professors thought it would be a great idea to assign my finals, final projects, and research papers, to all be due 10th week. Noooooooo! I spent all week in a study cave indulging myself in coffee, paper cuts, and self loathing. Thursday was judgment day and as I turned in that last exam after having sat through 4 hours of back to back tests, I felt sweet bliss. I was done. DONE! It is summer time for me!!! Now it was my turn to kick back, relax, and reflect upon the wonder of the year in passing as a UCLA student, while the rest of the campus builds their study caves, says goodbye to society, and prepares for hibernation. One point: me.