Done with my first week of classes (kinda)

I am now finished with my first week of classes here in France! It feels a little weird to be starting school so early because back at UCLA the quarter system doesn’t get going for another few weeks. I haven’t started my official classes quite yet, though – the ones I’m in right now (for another week) are part of an intensive language program designed to get your French gears turning after not using them during the summer and also to teach you a little bit about the French university system.

I’m enrolled in several classes. One works on your oral abilities with French, so we do a lot of talking in class and sharing stories with partners. Our exam is going to be four minutes talking about pretty much whatever we want to – very excited for that. I’m also in a class that works on our written skills, and we have been doing a lot with relative pronouns (almost too fun (maybe not)). But in general, I really like my language classes because I feel like I am learning (or re-learning) lots of French stuff, and my teachers are super duper fun to learn from.

I’m also taking a (sort of) political science class that teaches you how to take real poli sci (or “sciences po,” in French) classes at the university. We get to learn about stuff like the happenings in French politics and what format essays should be written in – all very interesting!

The coolest part of taking classes so far has been discovering another campus. The University of Lyon has many different campuses, but I get to take my classes on one that is right on the river, so walking to class is always very beautiful. The campus is made up of a bunch of old buildings with gardens in between and in courtyards. Every day feels like a postcard! And there is a little cafeteria where you can get some bread or a sandwich (and there is a machine that gives you coffee in plastic cups).

The first week was great. I am super looking forward to next week and for when I start real live Frenchie French classes. !!!

Charley Guptill