First Year, Transfer, and Continuing Students

Can you guys believe that there is less than 1 month before school starts again and we’ll kick off Fall quarter???? This summer  has been going super fast!!

Soon enough, we will meet a lot of new Bruins joining our big family whether they are first year or transfer students. It is always an exciting thing, at least for me, to get to meet new people. Not only will I meet new Bruins in our big family, I will also get to meet new Bruin Ambassadors in less than one month!! 🙂 This program has taught me a lot and definitely make me love UCLA even more and appreciate what I have been able to achieve here in UCLA.

One cool thing that I found is this page on Facebook that is dedicated to all the Bruins, whether you are first year, transfer, or continuing students: . If you haven’t been to this page, check it out and like it!! 🙂 You’ll find tons of fun activities and events going on throughout the campus as soon as school starts! It is one of the best way to keep yourself updated about what is going on in the campus!!

Anyway, let me know what’s your favorite summer fun you’ve had so far before we start Fall in a flash 😉