Playing Tourist

After realizing that I only have a few more weeks before school starts, I had a sudden urge to go out and walk around my hometown, Monterey Bay. I packed myself a backpack with a bottle of water and a book to read, put on my earphones, and I was off.

Living in the bay area, I am surrounded by the ocean. Basically, no matter where I go, I’ll see water soon or later. So I ended up in Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach (which, by the way, is known for not only their beaches, but also for its beautiful golf courses). As I walked along the boardwalk in the sunshine with soft music playing in the background, I realized what a beautiful place Monterey Bay is. And I was mad at myself for not noticing that earlier. I had been so busy with life that I didn’t have the time nor the desire to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. Although I have lived here for over 7 years, I have never taken the time to just walk around and really get to know the town. When I start school again, I hope I could take a break once in a while and just look around and be thankful for the place I am living in. No matter how busy we are with our daily lives, appreciating the nature is essential. It relieves stress, and increases optimism and courage.

Monterey Bay is famous for being a huge tourist attraction, especially during the summer season. Tourists come from all over the world. Walking through the tens of hundreds of tourists in Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf, I probably heard over 5 different languages. Before, I could not understand why people from thousands of miles away would take the trouble to come and spend their vacations here, but now that I’ve been a tourist, I can see why they love this place so much.

So I encourage you all to play tourist for a day and tour around your hometown before leaving for college. Take a friend and visit a museum, stop by that coffee shop you passed by hundreds of times, find good eateries in town, and find out places you’ve never been to. Really get to know where you come from before you move on to a new place.