Princeton Ly – Hollywood on Campus

Hollywood sign—Photo Credit: Gareth Simpson (

For whatever reason, college students really, really like their TV shows. People I know that never followed any shows in high school have ended up running through entire seasons of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or ‘The Wire’ in weeks, if not days. I personally “caught up” with the whole Friends craze (just a decade late) one summer here, and just recently finished watching the season finales of shows like ’30 Rock’ (Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy!),’ The Office’ (probably on its last legs), and ‘Community’ (too ‘meta‘ for its own good).

Quite awesomely, and as you might expect, UCLA been the location of many Hollywood shoots over the years. As reported by Prime, The Daily Bruin’s quarterly magazine, NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ (the best show on TV today, imo) used our Freud Playhouse for a debate scene in their penultimate episode this season. Also making appearances were ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ (heartwarming laughs), as well as shows like ‘90210’ and ‘Greek’. ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ (Lee Corso in the flesh!) made a weekend stop last year as well. And of course, plenty of movies have made their stops in Westwood, from 2010’s ‘Social Network’  to 1983’s ‘Breathless’.

Also per Prime, UCLA does not endorse any projects, which means you won’t see any Bruin graduates onscreen anytime soon. They are also careful to work around student schedules, meaning that any shoots that occur on campus will not disrupt the educating. How considerate!