My friend Ruth

Throughout the past two years, I have been able to know one of the most influential and fabulous people ever. She started out as my supervisor/boss but is now my full fledged friend. Her name is Ruth. She does an amazing job at supervising the Bruin Ambassador Program; the program wouldn’t be where it is today because of her. Just imagine managing a group of STUDENTS acting as recruitment resources for the most applied to school in the nation! How amazing is that?!?! Every day, I am completely amazed at how down to earth and amazing she is.

I decided to dedicate this blog to her because she is just simply inspiring. She has helped me learn and grow so much as a person. She has provided me with one of the most amazing opportunities I could have ever been involved in- be a coordinator for the Bruin Ambassador Program. I “owe” a lot to her. As a supervisor for BAP, she has done so much for all of us. She has showed us all that she really care for the success of the program but most of all for us the students who bust our butts every day to get those resources out there! She has shown me that she is more to me than just a supervisor. She is someone who I can turn to for advice and guidance. This year has been one of the hardest years personally and yet she has made it so amazing.

It scares me to think that most likely, for sure, most definitely I will never have a supervisor as amazing as Ruth. But I look forward to the many, many more memories I will make with her! She is just simply flawless and of course, FABULOUS!