Picking a Paper Topic

As the end of the quarter is nearing, it is time to get working on those final papers. Some students dread them; I personally love them because they are usually in lieu of the final. But, I always struggle with picking a topic! Professors will tend to give very vague and open instructions, like pick a topic that interests you and is related to the course. I swear it takes me longer to come up with a topic then it does to write the paper.

When I am struggling, I like to look at my notes and find a topic I have both quality and quantity notes to use. Generally, I tend to take better notes on topics I enjoy, so this helps me pinpoint both what is interesting and related to the class. In addition, I always like to talk to my professor and/or t.a. They are extremely helpful in finding a scope of a larger topic and helping develop a thesis.

Go Bruins!